YOU CAN LOSE 1 OR 2 POUNDS OF BODY FAT A WEEK WITH THIS PROGRAM This Program is a product of what I give my 1 on 1 Personal Training Clients to help them sustainably lose weight, while still eating the foods they enjoy.

  • Strength Training Program To Help You Put On And Mantain Muscle Mass
  • Dynamic Warmup To Help You Safely Capitalize On Each Workout
  • Light and HIIT Cardio Routine To Help You Burn Additional Calories
  • Moderate Caloric Deficit Diet To Help You Sustainably Lose Weight
  • Proper Distribution Of Macronutrients For Optimal Hormone Health and Hunger Regulation
  • Focuses On Food Quality And Portion Control With Our Grocery List Cheat Sheet
  • ZERO Food Restrictions - Learn How To Eat Your Favorite Foods In Moderation

12 Week Weight Loss Bundle

    • 12 Week Progressive Workout Routine With Videos
    • Full Dynamic Warmup Routine
    • Sustainability Spreadsheet To Help You Lose Weight While You Still Eat The Foods You Enjoy
    • Light and HIIT Cardio Routines
    • Fully Body Routines
    • Reusable Progressive Customized Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator
    • Grocery Cheat Sheet
    • Nutrition and Supplement Guidelines 
    • Daily Help Via Email