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I started working with David two and a half years ago. When I started, I was old, fat, and had never been athletic.  I mean, I was the girl who came up with every excuse in the book to avoid PE.  Now, I'm a little older, but I'm lean, strong, healthy, and I am addicted to working out.  It's all due to David.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about kinesiology and nutrition, and endlessly creative in devising workout sessions designed to achieve various goals.  He mixes activities up to keep things interesting - for example, I'm spending a certain amount of each session boxing now, which is really fun (a sentence I couldn't imagine myself saying 3 years ago!)  But most important, David is sensitive, kind, and the most amazing motivator I have ever met.  He has kept me going through difficult work experiences, difficult personal experiences, times when I felt like a failure, and times when I just wanted to give up.  He is literally the only person in the world who can tell me what to do without pissing me off, as well as the only person in the world who knows how much I weigh.  You have to have a tremendous amount of trust in someone to make yourself that vulnerable to him, and I have that trust in David.  The main takeaway I would like people to have from this review is:  it doesn't matter how old, fat, unathletic, or insecure you are - David can help you make the changes in your life that you never thought you could achieve, and make you enjoy doing it.  I can't recommend him highly enough.

I have been working with David now since February 2016. When I first started out I was 17% body fat now I am just over 10% and putting up numbers I never thought I would have prior to this. David knows his stuff his programming is realistic and he will make it work with your schedule. I'm not saying this is something that happens overnight that's not what fitness is. These months of hard work knowing brilliance in the basics and David's attention to detail I have reached athletic goals I never thought possible. As of now I am still working with Dave and getting stronger and stronger. Whatever your goal is, Dave can definitely help you achieve it.  Here's a picture of me doing 350 pounds on squat for a triple.

When I first started training with Dave I knew absolutely nothing about working out. I was too  embarrassed to workout alone and definitely out of shape. I remember our first session he suggested I bring a friend which definitely made me feel a little more at ease being that it would be my first time strength training, I was what you would call "cardio bunny." He not only is patient, but truly cares helped me out with nutrition. If it wasn't for his guidance and support I would have never gone from a size 7 to a size 3 and dropped 30 lbs.He truly changed my life for the better. His knowledge and guidance have been and continue to be a blessing. I definitely recommend training with Dave if you want to change your life.

Steven dropped from 18% body fat to 13% body fat while adding 18 lbs of muscle mass over the course of 4 months!*

I've been a client of David's for a couple of years now. Personal training can be an intimate kind of relationship, because you're trusting someone with your weaknesses and asking them to help you make them stronger. When we first started, I was suuper out of shape, and really intimidated to begin personal training, but I am so, so glad I did. Through working with David, I've lost a bunch of weight and my strength has improved dramatically. Also, I used to deal with chronic shoulder pain that would often keep me up at night. After working with me to strengthen my back and improve my posture, that pain has all but disappeared.

David as a trainer is patient, and sensitive to the insecurities that can frustrate my workouts, or make me change my goals from, "I need to lose weight!" to, "Screw that, let's just make me a beast." Whatever I ask from him, he tailors my workouts accordingly, and I get measurable results. He's helped me turn a lot of, "I can't"s, into, "Oh dang, I guess I can."

I highly recommend Train with Dave.

David helped me to lose 85 pounds by educating me on better nutrition as well as created exercise routines that allowed me to workout with a severe knee injury that eventually required a full knee replacement. *

In 3 months I have already doubled the weight resistance I can handle. *

Nana is currently down over 20 pounds in 10 weeks!

I've been training with Dave for just two months and already I'm seeing so much progress!

I've been lifting for a year but was stuck for the past few months. In just a week, I achieved new PRs for my squat, deadlift, and bench -- thanks to Dave!

Dave is incredibly knowledgable and friendly. I enjoyed every session with him and learned so much! If you want a trainer who knows his stuff, Dave is your man! He met all my goals and provided me with a personalized routine.

Coach Dave is the man!  Since starting with him last year I'm down 86 lbs of body fat and put on 25 lbs of muscle mass.  I've never been in better shape and I feel great.

The workouts are diverse and fun.  I've been a gym rat at various times in my life but I've never worked a program like this.  You'll gain mobility and strength, while drastically reducing your weight.

Best of all, Dave is a great dude!  Always motivational, but also patient and friendly.

In all my years this has been the best workout experience I've ever had.  I'm stoked to see how far I get in the next few months.  Get in with Coach Dave now before beach season, you'll be glad you did!

These two lovely ladies lost over 10% body fat each!

I am in my second month of training with Dave and I can honestly say deciding to train with him was one of the best decisions for both my health and overall fitness level. He is so well informed and takes the time to teach you, and most importantly personalizes every aspect of your training and diet to hit your goals. One month in I not only saw physical results, but I learned how much stronger my body could be. Thanks to Dave I am no longer a cardio bunny and I look forward to my end results!!

I've been consistently training with David 2x a week since February 2017. Going in my main goals were to gain muscle/tone and become stronger, weight loss wasn't necessarily one of the goals, however,  I did lose a significant amount of weight along the way. I knew I wouldn't have been able to achieve those goals on my own and that's when I found David through yelp.  He's not intimiating, well educated, and takes the time to teach you proper technique because he truly wants you to reach your goals and be able to continue on your own. Because let's be honest, personal training is not something most people can continue with forever. With David you will get proper technique and a personalized program that will help you reach your goals.

I have been training with Dave for 5 months. I started off at 128lbs, 31% fat, and went down to 115lbs, 20% fat. Before training with him, I rarely exercised because it felt like nothing worked. I was intimidated at the idea of weight lifting or going to the gym. I couldn't stick to any workout routine and always quit within a week. I needed someone to help me with my goals and keep me accountable.

Dave is a knowledgeable personal trainer. He helps you develop a workout regimen and the proper nutrition. He is very perceptive and knows when to push you and when to give you a break. He does not criticize the body type you are trying to achieve, but is also realistic. He will challenge your preconceived notions about what is possible and lead you to accomplish more.

With his guidance, I have been able to achieve what I never could.I do recommend Dave to any other person looking for guidance in achieve their personal body goals!

David is so motivational and doesn't let you quit! With his help I've managed to lose 60 pounds! He's very understanding yet knows how to push you towards your goals. Definitely recommend working with him!

Jose Lost over 40 pounds and is no longer a type 2 diabetic!

I've been lifting since 7th grade and I'm 25 now so about 13 years or so . But I eventually hit a plateau and couldn't figure out why I couldn't put on any more muscle or see any serious results . I was angry because I thought I knew what to do . Fast forward I met day through a good buddy of mine and I decided too start working out with him , I'm so glad i did . He is so knowledgeable and helpful and just knows what he's talking about. You will get results with him I promise, I thought I knew alot until I started training with him! . Highly recommend him - Cody M

I've been training with Dave for about 4 months and he is very knowledgeable and know's his stuff.  He was able to help me get into the best shape of my life. I have lost about 16 pounds and my body fat has gone from 18% to about 12%.  I highly recommend Dave as a personal trainer - Chris A

I'm a 60 yr. old man who suffered from back pain and was way out of shape. After training 6 months with Dave I have no back pain and am on the road to being in the best shape of my life. Dave is simply the best. - Bob C

I've been training with Dave for 4 months and have lost more weight than my goal. He doesn't just work you out he gives you a real plan to achieve your goals. The food management portion of the training has been so helpful he really knows what the body needs and when to eat what to give your body peak performance and weight loss. I started with David at 350 lbs and am down to 320 lbs with a 10% body fat reduction and almost 12 total inches lost. At 53 years of age I didn't think that would happen. David really cares for his clients. One of the benefits he has given me is to be pain free while increasing my strength. I would recommend David to anyone that is serious about taking control of their body and health. - Darrin F

David is a remarkable personal trainer.  He developed a personalized program based on my desired goals and with his encouragement, motivation, and challenging workouts I have lost 10% body fat.  I'm also amazed at how much stronger I've become as a result of these workouts. Not only have I gone through a physical transformation, but, my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers have improved immensely:  total cholesterol ratio 1.9, blood pressure 90/50.  I also apply what I have learned from my sessions into my daily lifestyle:  posture, lifting, balance and stability, character building, and nutrition.  I was once a skeptic about personal training, now I'm addicted to it.  These sessions have been one of the best investments I've made.
I have referred friends and would highly recommend David as your personal trainer to achieve your over-all fitness goals. His commitment, knowledge, and passion in helping others live a fit, healthy lifestyle is clearly evident in his clients' results.  
In David's own words, "The Body of Tomorrow is made Today, So what are you waiting for?" - Celia M

David has been my trainer for a couple years.  I have seen great results in the way I look, how I feel and in my strength.  He doesn't just train you but he teaches you in what you're doing and how to keep a strong healthy lifestyle.  He explains to you what were going to workout and how it affects your body.  Honestly, when I understand why we do specific workouts, it brings a more encouraging atmosphere to what I'm doing.  He's know where my limits are, so when I want to stop he knows that I can still do more and pushes and encourages me to keep going.  I've dropped down in weight and body fat and increased my muscle mass significantly.  When I started with him, he also spent time to know me and understand what my goals are and he has help me surpass them.  I highly recommend his training. - Sergio S

David has been my trainer for a couple years.  I have seen great results in the way I look, how I feel and in my strength.  He doesn't just train you but he teaches you in what you're doing and how to keep a strong healthy lifestyle.  He explains to you what were going to workout and how it affects your body.  Honestly, when I understand why we do specific workouts, it brings a more encouraging atmosphere to what I'm doing.  He's know where my limits are, so when I want to stop he knows that I can still do more and pushes and encourages me to keep going.  I've dropped down in weight and body fat and increased my muscle mass significantly.  When I started with him, he also spent time to know me and understand what my goals are and he has help me surpass them.  I highly recommend his training. - Sergio S

I have been working with David for a few months now. He listened to my needs and my concerns and then developed a plan that is working. David's knowledge and understanding of how our bodies work and how to gain strength, lose weight and avoid injury surpasses my expectations. David has my vote! - Michael V

David helped me gain more muscle and become stronger and more toned. I also have better balance. Very motivating working with Dave. You will be impressed with your results. - Mary B

I was already at a healthy weight so my main goal was tone and definition. I've been training with David twice a week for the past month and I'm already starting to see results. Physically my clothes are fitting better and my energy level has improved. I've gotten stronger compared to my initial assessment. It's working!!! Even despite the holiday season! The workouts are different each time and that keeps it fun and interesting. Instead of dreading my sessions I actually look forward to working out! 

Being a dietitian, I already knew about diet but thanks to David's coaching I'm being more mindful about what I eat and how much I eat and it's happening gradually which means I'm more likely to stick to it in the long term. - Vita C

David really helped me towards my goals! He's very knowledgeable and an awesome trainer! I would highly recommend him for anyone trying to lose weight, tone, or gain muscle! - Delaney E

I really appreciate how David made my work out plan personalized to my goal! He knew to push me further when I wanted to give up; I would recommend his training to anyone who is ready to achieve the body they've been wanting! His super reasonable prices are a major plus as well. - Kiki Y

Great trainer, knows what he's doing and he is great motivator, also has a lot of good experience. - Anthony G

I just started my 3rd month of training with Dave. I have always been a slim guy but over the last 2 years I purposefully packed on the pounds. I decided I wanted to cut some fat and gain some muscle but I didn't know the first thing about how to accomplish this. I contacted Dave because I served with him for a few years in the US Army and I knew he wouldn't bullshit me. I Told him my goal, and he came up with a plan for me. I also suffer from some knee issues and lower back pain, I made Dave aware of these issues and he has worked with me and created alternate exercises if I couldn't do something. He worked with me on strengthening my knees and back and I must say, the frequency and intensity of my pain had dramatically decreased!
After my first month, here is what we were able to accomplish:
-6 lbs of body fat
+2 lbs of muscle 
- 6.5" overall
From 18.7% body fat to about 16.4% body fat. - Scott T

I started training with David in February. I was roughly 24% body fat and unable to pass my army physical fitness test. Month one I started seeing the changes and here I am about 6 months later and I'm now in the 12% body fat range. I am much more confident in myself and I can not only pass my fitness test; I can score a perfect score every time I do one. Training with Dave has revolutionized my life and I would recommend him to anyone I know! - Michael S

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